Why You Need To Pick a Qualified Pediatric Dentist for Your Kids?

As parents to young children, you may be aware of the challenges in maintaining their oral hygiene. Children’s teeth are more prone to developing cavities, and that is why you must take them to see a dentist at least twice a year. 

In general, children may develop a phobia of clinics if they associate doctor’s visits with negative feelings. As adults, even some of us dread the thought of doctor’s appointments because of the bad experiences we have had as children. Pediatric dentists have the same medical degree as regular dentists but are also certified in dealing with young children. 

Who is a Pediatric Dentist? 

A pediatric dentist provides dental care to infants and children through adolescence. After completing a four-year dental school, a general dentist must attend a two to three year specialized dental program from an accredited institution to qualify as a pediatric dentist. Some pediatric dentists start as general dentists gaining valuable experience before specializing in pediatrics. 

What sets a pediatric dentist apart from a general-purpose dentist is their training in child psychology, advanced surgical procedures, child-related pharmacology, child development, patients with special needs and other specialized areas. 

Pediatric Dentists Must Have an Active License to Practise 

While searching for a qualified and experienced pediatric dentist for your child, as responsible parents, you must verify that they have an active license to practise in your state or province. A licensed pediatric dentist will usually have their certifications on display in the reception area of their clinic. 

Why Do You Need To Pick a Qualified Pediatric Dentist For Your Kids?

Most people are unaware of pediatric dentists in their area and make appointments with general appointments for their infants or young children. While this may suit your particular needs, you should consider a pediatric dentist if your child has trouble adjusting during dental visits. It is only normal for children to be scared of new people and environments. This fear is amplified in hospitals or clinics as they learn to associate these visits with pain. Children require special attention and care, and this where pediatric dentists can make their experience less stressful. We highlight some of the benefits of taking your kids to see a pediatric dentist below:

Pediatric Dentists specialize in Infant Oral Care

Since children have specialized needs due to their developing gums and teeth, they will benefit from a pediatric dentist’s expertise. They deal with regular occurrences such as cavities, tooth decay, over-retained baby teeth and other issues. Any serious dental issues that require surgeries may require sedation, and pediatric dentists are qualified in such matters. 

Pediatric Dentist Appointments Can Be Stress-Free

A pediatric dentist is a specialist in children’s dental care. Children may easily frighten in new environments because of ‘scary’ dental machines and procedures. Therefore, a pediatrician will make all attempts to make your child’s visit more comfortable and stress-free. 

Pediatric Dentists Know How to Keep Your Children Calm

This is where the pediatric dentist outshines a general dentist. Thanks to their specialized training in child psychology and experience in dealing with young children, pediatric dentists know how to deal with them during their visits to the clinics. Children who are anxious or scared may refuse to sit still or often cry before the procedure. This can be particularly challenging for dentists who are generally short on time. A qualified pediatric dentist can help calm your child. 

Pediatric Dental Clinics Have Children-friendly Equipment

The prospect of visiting a dentist is frightening for many children. It’s not just the dental procedure but also the different factors that contribute to your child’s experience. The cold dental equipment, tools, and smells further make it unpleasant.  A qualified pediatric dentist acknowledges these factors and makes sure to have tools and equipment in their clinic that do not appear so frightening to their little minds. 

Pediatric Dentist Offices Have Fun Toys and Bright Decorations

The waiting room in these dental clinics will generally have toys for your children, brightly coloured walls and other decorations to keep your child preoccupied. This can help them stay relaxed and calm during exams. As children observe other children play with toys, they might be motivated to do the same. 

Pediatric Dentists are Good Habit Counselors 

It is easy for children to pick up negative habits which can carry over to adolescence and adulthood if left unchecked. Pediatric dentists can help your child shed certain bad behaviours such as thumb sucking and teeth grinding. These habits can be difficult to break as the child grows older. A skilled pediatrician is trained to help your child get rid of these behaviours and help them deal with other issues. 

As a parent, you can help your child develop healthy habits for oral care. A pediatric dentist can provide you with the necessary knowledge and information to pass on to your children at home. For example, as your child brushes and flosses their teeth regularly, you may acknowledge their good behaviours, which acts as positive reinforcement. A qualified and well-trained pediatric dentist makes all the difference for your child’s dental needs. 

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