What is Email Marketing? With Email Marketing examples.

We all Internet users are very well known about emailing but what is Email Marketing is still a question to few of us.

Become an email user in today’s scenario is a necessity. I bet you all who are reading this article on “What is Email Marketing” must have hold minimum one email address for sure. And exactly this is the reason why Email Marketing exists in the world.

What exactly marketing teaches us! Target your audience where they are approachable. And the shocking data says total there is 5.2 billion email account exists in this world. Out of which 90% are active email accounts.

So, if I need to target my audience by sending email copies to them I can do it by using email sending servers. And this entire process called Email Marketing.

A myth that people have about Email Marketing

Some people simply collect or buy data of email accounts from non-legitimate sources and shoot emails to the users. That is strictly prohibited in some countries and ethically is also not acceptable.

Bulk emailing is not always a part of Email Marketing if it is not doing correctly. Just sending emails to any random email account holder is not at all Email Marketing.

The real and legitimate method of conducting Email Marketing is to ask permission from your audience before sending emails to them. And that is known as Subscribers. When you have a complete consent from your audiences to send them your newsletters/updates/information etc. that is what exactly the real email marketing.

How to get Subscribers for email marketing?

As nothing in this world comes for free, you have to pay for it. Either you have to pay your hard earned money or devote your valuable time to get email subscribers.

My motive is not to demotivate you but I am going to speak a bitter truth. Nobody will give you a consent in this hectic world to annoy them with your emails in their inboxes.

It means email marketing is a useless concept! Then why thousands of people are after it?

Hey, wait wait wait…

Go and read once again what exactly I’ve said above. I said nobody will give their consent to annoy them by sending worthless emails which has of no use to them. But, who said you to send them worthless items! Send them what they want.

You need to convince them and get them into your confidence that your emails will be worth to receive. And believe me, if you succeed in doing this, you will not get subscribers you’ll start getting followers as subscribers.

This world runs on a theory of give and take nature. Did you get my signal where I wanted to reach!

If you have something worthy(latest news, updates, deals, discounts, offers, coupons, free ebooks, free tools etc.)  for your audiences than things will become easier for you.

People will love to subscribe to you in return when they will have greed in their mind. You simply need to satisfy them with their desires.

Try to create a buzz about your upcoming content/product in them. Make them abide to think, that your content/product is precious and is not for all in general. Only your subscribers will get them in their email addresses. After that, you will see the real magic about to happen.

And this is exactly the technique which I personally apply to get my subscribers. Today I revealed my secret so, I need a Like/Share in return 🙂

Platforms where you will get your subscribers?

You need to find some good sources where mostly your audience appears. You need a working marketing strategy to get more and more subscribers. Few of the strategies I am mentioning below:

  • You can use Social Media as the best place to target your subscribers for your email marketing purpose. If you have a Facebook page that is well optimized. Where you already have a good amount of followers go and use this trick there. And if you yet struggling with your Facebook page reach and followers then go and use Facebook Groups to get niche audiences.
  • Start a Blogging website to attract more and more audiences. Once your blog starts getting a good amount of traffic get an Optin Form(subscriber form) in your blog to get subscribers. To learn how to increase blog traffic you can read my other article.
  • Create a Youtube Channel, where you can produce video content for your audiences. For a better response from your channel, you need to learn how to grow video views on your Youtube channel. And there you can simply prompt your viewers to subscribe you.
  • Use Quora.com to answer queries of people out there and they will start following you. Once you’ll be active on Quora you can simply ask your followers to share their email ids for direct sending content on their email address.

All of these strategies are very well working for me, and I do believe it will work for you either. Kindly do comment below if you liked the above article and I would appreciate your feedback.