what is epc in affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing in case you are asking this, let me tell you affiliate marketing is a selling process of another person’s products for which you get a commission on each sale you make. It is most frequently done in percentages than dollar amounts which can vary all the way up to 75% per sale.

In the market, the simple and easy home business can be as simple as joining an affiliate program. One must be careful about choosing a program, with all the scams located online today. With a little research, you can earn a good amount of money by devoting few hours a day.

So your query should be, what kind of affiliate program should I join? My answer is you should join the program of your choice for which you can target the right audiences. Don’t join any such programs just because of anyone else is making huge money out of that. Make sure you’ve clear with the instructions of that affiliate program which you going to opt.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

  1. CPC – Commission per click (useless to work on this type of campaign)
  2. CPS – Commission per sale (often running campaign as of now)
  3. CPL – Commission per lead (get your advertiser a quality lead and get paid)
  4. CPI – Commission per Installation (people will install advertiser’s app and get paid)

Some examples of companies that offer affiliate plans are ClickbankCommission Junction, and Amazon associate. The techniques to sell in affiliate marketing are very equivalent to running your own online business as a whole, with a few noteworthy differences. The first main difference is that you not need that huge capital to run your own online e-commerce website.

There’s a chance you may get more success in that affiliate program if you have understood the sales page. Today, the retailers and the affiliates both can understand that affiliate internet advertising can work for both of them. For speaking someone else’s products/services in your blog or fan page you get paid. What can be more easier than this, if you are having a huge fan following or blog traffic.

You not need to entirely get into sales of that product which you are mentioning. Just a link to that affiliated website is enough for an affiliate marketer. Rest the company you are selling for has to handle all the aspect. You simply sell the product without worry of taking any orders or fulfilments, that as well is taken care of by the advertiser.

Some recurring affiliate programs are like you refer them once, and after that get paid for every month that they stay in the app. Many individuals are getting paid yearly for work they done years ago.

Overall, it is much cheaper and the headaches are less when you are just generating the lead for the sale and not deal with all the paperwork and cost of running the entire operation will go down.

“One effective means of selling a product is creating a landing web page for the product on one’s own website”.

The only thing you need to care is to get a link click to, sending the prospective client to the main site to seal the deal.

Your site itself must have proper SEO on it so it could also be indexed in search engines. Taking good care of your website at the start will lower your advertising costs because it’ll direct more organic hits to your site.

This can be slow going process depending upon how usually the internet search engine spiders come by and take a look at your page.

For New Affiliate Marketers

Join any Pay Per Click program(Google AdWords, Facebook ads, any PPC network) and create advertisements for your affiliate landing web page. This could be very expensive if you have no idea how to make such programs work for you. By creating an ad directed to the needs of your buyers you can sell very profitably.

For example: If you pay 20 cents for a click, and manage a sale every 100 clicks, selling a product with a commission of $25, it means total you have to spend $20 in ads and you have made $5 which is a good deal.

The more you test your advertisements the better your clicks will convert into sales. To do that without a site to put it simply your affiliate link in ads of the site landing web page. Success using Pay Per Click on your website landing web page depends upon lots of factors from the effectiveness of the ad to the effectiveness of the site landing web page.

It’s undisputed truth that affiliate internet marketing is very rewarding. Individuals who’ve taken the steps to succeed in this affiliate marketing business are reaping the seeds that they untiringly sowed. I am suggesting you to start learning about affiliate marketing program more and more and there will be a day in future when you’ll be seeing writing something good about it.