Vlogger Meaning in an explained way for new upcoming Youtubers

People ask meaning for Vlogger. As this term is very commonly practiced in Youtuber community, so few people are clueless about the meaning of Vlogger. In this article, I’ll not only give you a one-liner definition of Vlogger but also how to become a Vlogger will be here.

When a person writes articles and publishes it online is known as Blogger, similarly when a person creates video articles and publish it online is know as Vlogger.

Every video publishers are not known as a vlogger, for eg. if you upload a movie without you in it, video of animals and nature without your comments/voice-over, a raw video without any message, funny videos of others etc. can’t be count as vlogging.

When you publish video articles by addressing your audiences on regular basis on a certain topic is known as vlogging.

World’s famous platform for vlogging is always being Youtube. Youtube creators are actually known as a vlogger.

Are you planning to be a Youtuber?

We are very much aware of this fact, that being a Youtuber is now a very trendy career these days. Out of every thousand of youth ten wants to become a Youtuber.

Why are people so leaning towards this vlogging especially youth? Then, the answer is divided into two major factors:

  1. People want to be familiar among their audiences, or can say want to be famous.
  2. If you are having a reasonable subscribers base or viewers than you can make a good amount of money also.

So, I hope both of the above two factors are sufficient to prompt anybody to be in this vlogging industry. And if you are also thinking the same way as I mentioned above then let’s learn to vlog.

Pre-requisites to become a Vlogger

As in my last article, I mentioned the meaning of blogger (if you haven’t read that yet click the link to read that either). As bloggers are a subject matter experts, who writes on a specific niche and people love to read and follow them for his/her expertise.

Same here a Vlogger needs to be expertise in a specific niche so that people will love to watch and subscribe them. So, if you wish to start vlogging make sure you must be possessed with knowledge of a specific niche or topic.

Once you will have decided on the topic of your video articles your first step will have been accomplished.

Now, the Second step is going to be how you will portray this into a video format? Different people have different styles of portraying them in videos.

  • Few of the creators directly come to cameras and start creating videos and upload it to Youtube.
  • Some of them create animated videos with their own voiceovers.
  • Some use their computer screens for educating their viewers.
  • Some go to hire professionals to create their videos(but this is not vlogging).

Now, this is onto you which of the above format you are going to accept as per your comfort.

How to become a successful Vlogger?

Friends this is not necessary that all of the creators gone famous overnight. And it has been noticed a lot that most of the creators quit vlogging because they didn’t get ample amount of viewers. No matters how good content is you creating you may not be sure to go super hit just on the basis of your content.

You need a marketing strategy. To get more Youtube video views to check my one of the other article especially on Youtube marketing strategies.

There are 400 hours of videos uploads on Youtube on every single minute. So, this stats are enough to make you understand where do you stand if you too upload videos on Youtube.

If you are not enough good to market your video on Youtube maybe you land on no-where. And this could be one of the major reason of demotivation for you to quit the vlogging career.

So, if you know the factors of targeting your viewers nothing can be more achievable than this.