Risk averted why your business needs cloud disaster recovery

Nefarious characters are always on the lookout for business data. Fraudsters, hackers and scammers look for sensitive information that they can use to their advantage, usually to the detriment of the company they’ve scammed.

Therefore, it has never been more important to have efficient cloud disaster recovery solutions at your enterprise. They can help save your business from insurmountable problems that all businesses are at risk of in the digital era.

Here is why you need the best cloud online Australia has available:

What is online disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery and storage servers are utilised to help businesses back up their important information. They allow businesses to easily locate and restore these files if criminals breach your system.

This kind of disaster recovery technology is highly flexible and can help your enterprise create a more robust security system. You can access these services when you need them, as your information will be stored in a highly accessible – yet highly secure – infrastructure system.

These cloud-based solutions are different from their traditional predecessors, as you can easily manage and maintain your solution, ensuring you won’t have to waste company time transferring data across servers and to the recovery location – this entire process will be automated.

Why your enterprise needs this solution

Enterprises are utilising this highly effective software and hardware to safeguard their organisation from cyber criminals. These systems are emplaced to help protect the company’s growing digital infrastructure and protect it from breaches.

Business disasters are becoming more common and unpredictable. With the potential to destroy a company’s operations, there is no room for data loss. Therefore, it is absolutely pivotal that organisations have a trusted disaster recovery and backup plan in case of a breach.

With the risk of losing thousands per hour in the event of a breach, monetary loss (among other problems) is just the beginning of company woes in the event of such a breach. Furthermore, a team can spend hours – if not weeks – attempting to regain lost data without a robust security plan in place.

Disaster recovery solutions can help your enterprise handle cyber-attacks, ransomware, malware and other problems, ensuring your business can recover files quickly and without all the unwanted downtime associated with manual recovery.

So, now that we’ve gone through the importance of having a plan in place, let’s take a look at the ongoing advantages of such a solution:


  •  Cost: One of the most pleasant surprises that is associated with cloud-based disaster recovery is its price. These solutions don’t rely on physical servers located away from the business to operate, instead relying on the cloud to outsource its security systems on the company’s behalf. This also means that your company will only pay for the resources it is using through the system.
  • Flexibility: Many business owners – especially small business owners – think of these solutions and assume they are only available for enterprise-sized organisations – this is not so! In fact, there are many different options available for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you can find a solution that is tailored to your specific needs without spending the same amount as, say, a multinational company using the same system but on a much grander scale

  • Quick failover & migration: In traditional systems, the migration and failover time frame is big – really big. But with these cutting-edge solutions, you can trust that the migration and failover period won’t be very long at all, ensuring you can quickly migrate the data and in different phases.


Your company cannot afford to operate without a security plan, and these solutions are the best for business.