Get More Engagement And Higher Open Rates in Email Marketing

Do you wish to have more and more people open, engage and interact with your e-mails and newsletters? If so, check out this advice.

No matter what type of e-mail services you’re using, it could be MailChimpAWeberSendgridConstant Contact etc. it does not make a difference, practically all of them provide the same functionality. This will only help you to send automated follow-up emails to people who’ve not open your first email.

But only sending an automated follow-up email not going to win any race here. A strategy can make you win always.
The 2nd e-mail which you have drafted for the same audience list should be a better piece of cake. The goal is to change the subject line a little bit, is because if people just see the same subject line again, then it is sure they are not going to open your email as it will give them a feeling of copied email again.

Since you have changed the subject line, it now appears as another email. Which will significantly improve and increase the number of individuals that open your e-mail, and engage with it, and also click it or take action base on whatever your call to action in that e-mail is.

What do you think, why people open your emails! Is it because you are an influencer and they blindly follow you. No, believe me, it is not. The content you create for them actually provides them the value, for what they open your emails and take necessary actions against it.

And if your ‘Email Subject Line’ is not valuable enough to make them compelled to open it at least, no one is going to read your further email content. And as an end result, you may lose to get the standard open rate.

Emails Timing

This becomes very necessary when to send emails and newsletters to your subscribers. As people are busy out of their main schedule they would like to skip your emails while they are in their primary job. So, it is better to avoid to annoy them by sending your emails while they are not ready to listen to you.

Try to schedule your email marketing campaign, when most of your audiences are free from their primary work. And generally, it has been seen these are the evening time. Still, you need to work hard and find out the analytics of your audiences engagement data to refine your email marketing precisely.

Here automation will definitely play an important role, to set your email marketing campaign on auto follow up mode and you can achieve a significantly higher open rate. An automation email will help you to send emails again and again to same individuals who haven’t had open your previous email with a different subject line. Which could be a great help to your email marketing campaign.

Videos in Email will increase your open rate

This has been observed if, your Email contains video in it and has mentioned on the subject line the chances of opening that email increases to 7% – 15% more. Not only it helps you to get a higher email open rate but also help in conversion rate maximization.

But one important thing to cover in video email marketing is the value that video passes to your viewers. The longer the video will be watched by your viewer the more prospect you can expect to convert.

Never upload your video directly to your email content, it will make your email extremely heavy to load which can be turned into a torture to open at customer’s end. Always upload your video to “Youtube” first and then mentioned the link in your Email content, which will certainly transform into a video frame automatically.

I hope you are convinced what I have said here, you may vary with my views and research that is quite obvious.