Latest SEO Updates of 2020– Here’s what is Brand New SEO News

SEO News

SEO is gaining popularity – Everyday! Businesses endeavoring to make an online image are trying their utmost to keep up with the latest happenings in this field. Undoubtedly, incorporating the SEO strategies is one of the smartest and recommended moves that every Business is trying to optimize its visibility on the internet. This is why it becomes quintessential for every business owner and marketing team to keep themselves updated about the latest trends and practices or even any newest introductions in the process. Here are the top 2018 SEO updates every company should look out for –

Broad core algorithm update – The world’s largest and the most eminent search engine, Google is always striving to provide the best quality search results to all its users. The latest update in the algorithm has been launched on August 1st this year. No matter you work as an SEO expert or even the business owner, professionals can spot a notable shift in the ranking of the website. It is because Google’s algorithm has been updated recently. This update is popularly known as the Broad Core Algorithm update.

David Sullivan, the Google’s Liaison who has been working to reiterate Google’s emphasis on quality has announced the update. The significant change in this update is 2% keyword increase under H1 tag whereas 9% reduction under the title tag.

From 2 to 16 months data will be supported on Google Search Console Analytics API – Another reason for industries to celebrate. Search beta console will now support 16 months of data as it has earlier supported three months data. This update has been introduced earlier this year. Before the update, the Search Beta Console was able to support only three months of data against the queries submitted by the search engine user. After this update, digital industry has all the rights to celebrate the update as they will have the capability to make important decisions related to marketing activities by the keyword triggers, seasonal behavior, search results and buying patterns.

It is quite similar to furnish the results as per the customer intent. However, the changes Google has introduced have made businesses hold potential to secure highly relevant traffic rather than irrelevant traffic.

Google’s research on new paraphrasing Algorithm – It was in May 2018 what reports suggests the world’s largest search engine; Google had presented its research on new paraphrasing algorithm. The research results will reshape the search optimization shortly.


The brand new design of Google’s paraphrasing Algorithm will include not only the Abstractive summaries but also the executive summaries as well. This will be done to create paraphrased content.

Features of Abstractive summaries

The content that has been extracted from various articles is now able to be paraphrased for user understanding.

Features of Executive summaries

From blogs and articles, important parts of the content can be utilized to prepare snippets. If there are numerous articles and blogs, content that is relevant can be taken out for user intent.

Google’s new search engine to detect datasets – Google has recently launched a new search engine, Dataset Search that will offer the capability to its users to easily spot what they are looking for. The creation of the search engine had an aim to strengthen the intellectual capability of its users.

Users using this search engine will have the capability to access digital libraries data, author’s web pages, and publisher’s sites. Dataset search engine particularly benefits journalists and data scientists. Dataset entirely depends on dataset providers’ schema markup. The search engine though is yet in its Beta Stage. However, its purpose is intriguing – everyone can exploit its launch benefits.

Crowd control feature from Google – Google has recently introduced a new and very interesting feature on Google Maps – Crowd Control. Crowd control feature will be of extreme help if you are planning to visit a shop or some other place. The feature will have the potential to pinpoint real-time situations of places user intends to go. This will tell the situation of the place before you even head for it. The feature can cover some places that get the heavy crowd or are usually crowded or get crowded. These places include a supermarket, pharmacy, coffee shop, local restaurants, automobile service center, supermarket, grocery stores. Etc.

Mobile first Indexing – Now is the best time to prepare your website for mobile usage – Make it Mobile in a Friendly way! SEO update of Google this year, i.e., 2018 has modified its algorithm to prefer mobile-friendly websites. Undoubtedly, this will impact the rankings of mobile as well as desktop versions of the website.

The industrialists and company owners may have ample time to make or implement these changes to their websites. It is because these changes will be reflected only to some websites. These websites according to Google are tough enough to bear the impact of the change that will be introduced. If the website contains any AMP pages, the search engine will automatically first select non-AMP pages.

My Business from Google allows the admin panel to review or edit replies in the Knowledge panel – While the Admin panel is employing the My Business feature of Google, the admin will have the capability to edit their responses to replies. Of course, this update is quite important as SEO professionals will need not to spend much time in editing as there is an edit option present just below the option of “reply to a review.” Earlier, before the update was introduced, the owners had to dig deep into the dashboard of Google’s My Business and select reply again to edit the response.


This year has been incredible regarding updates and happenings in SEO. These trends and practices that are promoted by Google and other search engines are important to ease user experience and make the optimization process a lot more reliable. Getting acquainted with these updates is necessary to keep up with the best practices of SEO and implement them in the interest of the business.