How To Get Traffic From Pinterest In few Easy Steps

Like any social network, Pinterest can be a very effective tool to drive traffic to your website or blog. Pinterest is like an online pinboard especially for the collection of visual parts from multi-media. Every day, millions of Pinterest users log in to the site to find new ideas and explore potential products to buy, making it a great traffic source for website or blog owners.

What Pinterest Is And How To Use It?

But before you jump on board with everybody else, you must first understand what Pinterest is about.

Pinterest is completely free to use, but just like every other social media, you need an account to begin using it. You will be asked to fill out a few details like your name, age, gender, language and country before you will be instructed to pick a minimum of five classes to follow in order that Pinterest can begin showing you personalized pins according to your interests.

Given that you have spent some time setting up your accounts and you have got a brief understanding of how Pinterest really works, you should begin saving pins to your boards.

To save the pin that you found while browsing Pinterest, simply hover over the pin and click on the red button “‘Save”, which is displayed in the upper right corner.

Pro Tip: If you want to randomly save things to Pinterest while browsing the web, you will definitely need to install Pinterest’s browser button to make saving as simple as doing in a number of clicks.

Send: Send a pin to other users on Pinterest or share it on the social network.

Popular: See what type of things is generating the most attention, most saves and most comments about Pinterest.

Videos: Even though pictures are the main things which get shared on Pinterest, there is also a special section for video also.

Ways to get Pinterest traffic

There are various ways you can generate Pinterest traffic. The 2nd way to generate Pinterest traffic is through doing certain that your Search privacy settings are off in order that your story and your pins can be found by anyone. Pinterest pins must be 735 x 1102 pixels ideally so that they stand out in people’s newsfeeds.

Ensure that your description is keyword rich, so your pin can rank higher in search results page when individuals type in these keywords in Pinterest’s search engine. Once you have uploaded your pin, click the pin to add your URL. Whenever you do, this will redirect individuals to that URL when they click the pin.

The 5th way to generate Pinterest traffic is through making your website Pinterest friendly.

Also, ensure you add a Pinterest follow button on your site to convert your website visitors into followers. The more followers you’ve, the more traffic you can generate from Pinterest.

The more you connect with individuals, join conversations and interact generally with Pinterest users, your visibility will go high and higher which in a long run will make you popular. You’ll have to upload a pin to one of your boards before having the ability to use Pinterest ads.

Get More Blog Traffic From Pinterest

Would you like to see a big inflation in your traffic? Have you heard about Pinterest traffic? An excellent new way, to share your hard written blog or article? Promote it in a pin and don’t forget to link that pin with your blog to where they could go to read it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to edit your pin and add a link after uploading a picture to pin from your computer.

It has been seen that tutorial pins get 40% higher click-through rate than an average pin.

Get a research on what kind of information your audience will find valuable for them and make some pins out of that. Through my own research, I’ve found that teaser pins fascinate people and make them click through at a very high rate.

A teaser pin is nothing but just a headline on top of an image or a colorful background with a lucrative message, which states what you’ll learn on the other side.

Pins emphasizing trending topics see a 90% increase in click-through rate. You can even include CTA (call to action) in the actual image of your pin. In order to identify how you may get in, on that same kind of action?

To engagify your audience, you can host a competition where participants should either pin content from your website or repin pins you’ve on Pinterest that link back to your website. This way you can build more audience too if your current audience can engage with your pins. And you may expect viral circumstances for your blog.