How to do effective Email Marketing to increase open rate and conversion.

Here today we’ll learn the do’s and don’t s of email marketing. Are you ready? Let’s move on.

In Digital Marketing – ‘Email Marketing’ is one of the best marketing tool you can use to target your audience. As we all are aware, what is email and how to use it. So we are not going into that much basic knowledge. Still let me brief you how email works in general terms.

It is basically an online platform to share messages and small files upto 25mb among each others. To send emails one should have an active email account and email recipient’s address. You can send one mail to multiple addresses at the same time. But basically you are not allowed to do spamming from your personal email. Hardly you can send 500 emails a day with Gmail and some how the same with other email services too. And if you caught doing spamming with these email clients(gmail, yahoo, rediff, hotmail etc.) you might got blocked soon. So beware of such activities while doing email marketing.

Let’s read about some interesting fact on it.

Effective Email Marketing to land on INBOX

Guys there is hardly any skills require to send emails to your audience while doing marketing. The real skill is when your email hits to your audience’s inbox directly. So, dumbly sending emails to to thousands of addresses is foolishness, because that won’t help us to achieve our objectives. We have to focus on, ‘how we can make it to their inboxes’ that is what our main objective is. So here are few do’s and don’t s of email marketing which you should adhere if you are concern about to reach your target audience effectively.

One thing you should always remember – that you must abide with all the Email Marketing ethics and laws.

Now let’s talk about Do’s:

  • Always use secured and reputed email server.
  • Only use subscribed email data for email marketing.
  • Send only informative content.
  • Content should be a combination of Text + Image
  • Subject line always contains some attractive words (omg, wow, crazy, awesome, lol etc.) or personalization (receiver’s name).
  • In body content, motive of your email should be clear immediately. Apparently in the first line or paragraph.
  • Always mention ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the end.
  • And before sending email always check spam score of your content.

And here is the list of Dont’s:

  • Never bother your subscribers to being a sales man to them. Don’t sale them anything over email.
  • Your content must not use any marketing words.
  • Don’t try to create any sales buzz in subject line.
  • Don’t make your email heavy with lots of images.
  • Try to avoid any Grammatical errors or punctuation marks.
  • Don’t mention any bad links in the email content.
  • And highly recommendable, avoid sending more than 500 emails at one go. If you have a big list of email addresses, make it into segments of 500 each.

Email Marketing Strategies

So, these are the few points always keep it in mind before doing email marketing. Slowly and steadily you will start realising that you are started hitting Inbox directly. This will certainly increase your open rate, and the day your open rate will increase by default conversion will also go h.

If you still have any question in your mind regarding Email Marketing, feel free to comment your question. And I personally will try to give you a satisfactory answer.