Social Media Marketing

Social Network! A term that describes much about its nature and popularity on its own. There are ample stats that make the statement of its popularity more a fact.

It is the first and probably the last thing people think about in the entire day. With the increasing and effortless access to the world of internet, social networking with people now seems more likely.

Its power can be estimated from the Statista’s predictions in which the total number of active social media users is expected to reach nearly 3.02 Bn which is almost the planet’s one-third population.

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Some Statistics

Not only this, more than 750 Million users out of these 3.02 Bn people will belong to China in 2022. Moreover, a one-third of a Billion Indians will be active social media users. Statistics become even more intriguing if we penetrate far-off geographies.

For example, North Americans come under the category of the highest rate of penetration followed by Europe’s northern region. More than 70% of users have at least one single social media account. As per the last year statistics, 81% of the US population have their profile on a social media site.

With that said, there is increasing popularity of this concept where people from remote locations connect with their friends, family, and colleagues.

However, despite its increasing popularity, Social networks are nowadays loved as well as deemed responsible for many activities that discourage their use.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of social networking in your lives. The 4th con is especially the one you should look out for –

Social Media pross

  • Keeping up with the latest happenings of your near and dear ones

Social media undoubtedly gives every latest update about your friends, family, and colleagues. Through status updates, pictures, videos, and their activities, it is quite interesting to know what’s latest is going on in their lives.

  • Instant communication

Social networks are a great way to instantly connect with people you know or who are in your contact list. A quick connection sets up with people you want to connect with through video or audio call.

Not only this, there are options to message these contacts. For example through messenger on Facebook.

  • Live video to keep up with what your contacts are up to

The facility of live video has been gaining tremendous popularity. Your contacts may update you about what’s been happening in their lives lately.

Often there are times you are connected to some groups, e.g. NGO,s or news channels. These groups update their viewers/ audience with breaking news or headlines that should reach them as soon as possible.

  • Spreading awareness with real-time news

A breakthrough advancement of social media sites is spreading awareness with real-time news. There are groups all over the world that are constantly in touch with their audience and broadcast videos, audios, and pictures that may generate awareness about issues such as global warming, human trafficking, molestation, pollution, corruption, politics, and so much more.

  • Create your own stories

Social networks are a great platform to form your own stories and share them across. It will not only give the much-needed exposure but also lets you become fully creative and intuitive. That’s one perk of socializing through social networking channels!

  • A superb platform for businesses

Businesses are nowadays encouraging the use of social networking channels for their business promotion. This encouragement is backed by a few reasons.

First, billions of people are using these networks with great interest.

Second, social networking sites allow selling and buying of products.

Third, these sites allow you to be fully creative in your business endeavors.

Fourth, when you are in the sight of people, you are genuine and known to offer authentic services.

Fifth, with continuous communication with your customers, you can easily make a brand image that is much needed in successful long-term businesses

Social Media Cons

  • Deluge of information

Internet, especially the social networks are loaded with a deluge of information that is both fake and genuine. It often becomes hard to decide what to trust and what not to trust.

It is due to this reason; people often fall for the wrong information as they do not take the pain to verify or validate its source.

  • Fake profiles and identities

That is one of the most prominent issues social networks are currently facing. With billions of profiles lingering on the social sites, there are a fair few of them that are not verified or known to have been made by authentic people. Also, there is an increasing concern of parents as there are children, underage to run these accounts.

  • Hindered privacy

One of the greatest challenges for a social network is compromised the privacy of its users. There have been numerous issues in the past and in the present that have raised serious concerns on the reliability of these sites.

Cases had occurred when photographs of authentic users were spread bringing them a bad name through unauthorized access or hacking of accounts.

  • Cyberbullying

Often the social network users complain of receiving bullying messages from an unknown source or from someone they are unable to track down.

Social networking sites often address such concerns by blocking the source account, but it hasn’t fully addressed the concern, once and for all.

  • Procrastination

This is one of the most prominent pros of people nowadays. Procrastination has been a major issue for students or people who usually spend a lot of time networking.

This, costs them their precious time browsing for the latest updates from friends and family when they should have been concentrating on their priority tasks.

  • Spending more time on social networks rather than with contacts in real life

Something we all know, feel and witness in everyday life. People prefer to digitally connect with their relatives or known people rather than talking to them over the phone or going to meet them in person, which would undoubtedly be an unforgettable gesture.


Social networks are a superb gift to society, if and only if, they are used well. Overuse can cost people their time and privacy. It may even affect their real lives by compromising with relationships and people they hold dear. But, if these networks are utilized for the good of life and business, they can work wonders.