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Hi, friends today we will learn how to do affiliate Marketing with Amazon.

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce sites in this world. And that’s why the products that they sell online is very popular and which makes it is easy for you to sell anything for Amazon. The reason why affiliate marketer prefers to promote Amazon’s products only because of its popularity.

People mostly buy things from Amazon and they know how trustworthy Amazon is. So if you are promoting Amazon as an affiliate marketer the chances of getting more and more sales is always high.

Amazon affiliate marketer on an average earns $1,000 in a month if they know the right way to do Marketing for Amazon.

If you know the right targeting audience, you just need to reach them and your job is done. Amazon is very popular e-commerce marketplace, so you not need to explain anything about it and you not need to convince people that why should they buy things from Amazon. And this is my reason why I am explaining Amazon affiliate marketing today on this blog.

It will give you an opportunity to earn money from their association. And I have seen many people who are earning a lot by just doing affiliate marketing for Amazon. You just need to share your unique affiliate marketing link of the products to the right audiences and whenever anyone will buy anything from that link you will be get paid for that.

Amazon Associate Account

Now, the very first thing that you need to do is to create an Amazon associate account. Once this account will be get approved you need to generate an affiliate link via an associate account. Click here to apply for an Amazon Associate account.

You need to fill some sections about your website and all promoting methods, your payment details, and about yourself. Once you will fill all the sections and applied for Amazon associate account it will take 24 hours to process your application.

And if everything goes well you will get an approval from Amazon and after that, you can start promoting their affiliate link to start making money. You will get a dashboard where you can find links to promote. You can promote individual products, you can promote category, you can promote amazon’s own banners depending on the nature of your audience you can promote any one of them.

Once people will start buying products from Amazon via your affiliate link you can track all the reports in your associate’s dashboard.

In my next blog, I’ll share how to promote Amazon affiliate links to make a handsome payout. Till then have a good day.