Check where is your keyword ranking in Google or Yahoo.

In this Article, We will get to know about how we can check the ranking of our keyword. As we all know how big the concern is keyword ranking in search engines. Sometimes we don’t know whether our keywords are ranking or not, we should be aware of it. If we don’t know how exactly our keyword ranking in Google, we may lose our ranking on Search Engine.

We don’t need any tool or application to be installed in your system. We just need to put our keyword, domain name, and location in an online keyword checker tool. It will show your keyword ranking.

Process to Check Keyword Ranking

There are too many online tools to check the ranking of your keyword in Google. But the most important factor is accuracy. It is the biggest factor in determining keyword ranking.

I’ve personally checked a lot of keyword ranking checker tools online. So far, I can say that SERPs is the best tool which I would recommend it to you. Its interface is very simple and easy to use. It is a free tool which you can easily use to find your keyword rankings.

Below mentioned are the steps to use SERPs:

  • Go to
Process to find keyword ranking in SERPs
  • Mention your keyword in ‘Search for this keyword ‘field to see the ranking.
  • Select for which Search engine you wish to see the rankings “Google or Yahoo”. Click on ‘G‘or ‘Y‘.
  • Write down the location where you are expecting your keyword ranking.
  • Now, select the device to see where your site is ranking in ‘desktop or mobile’ respectively on a particular keyword.
  • Mention your website’s Domain name in “Filter for a specific domain” field.

You can leave “Search from exact location” option because that is an optional field.

Finally, click on ‘Go!’ button. Then, Wait for a moment. It will display your keyword result.

This way you can search different keyword ranking of your site.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any other question related to this topic please comment and I’ll reply with an answer.