Best free keyword research & Planning tool For SEO

In this article, we shall learn about the best free keyword research tool offered by Google. To initiate this process let us take a quick revision of what we have learned in the last article.

Why is Keyword Research important in SEO?

If we start doing SEO on a particular keyword without doing any research work, we may not be able to achieve the top ranking in google. All our efforts will go in vain if that keyword is not being searched frequently by people.

We all know how much effort goes into performing an efficient SEO. We should always take care of that aspect of Keyword Research. This is the only reason why it is strongly recommended, to always the use best free keyword research tool i.e. AdWords keyword planner. It gives you the best possible keywords which are mostly used by people.

  • We have to keep it in mind, who all are our targeted audience.
  • First, choose your primary term which your audience may search for in Google.
  • Secondly, you should have an active Google Account which you regularly use to sign in to AdWords keyword planner tool.

Step by Step guide to AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

There is an easy tool for finding keywords according to your website. You only have to think for just one primary keyword in your mind. Enter it in a space provided. It will suggest you several relevant keywords according to your topic. Let’s begin with AdWords keyword suggestion tool:

  • Login to your Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • After Login, it will ask you some few questions under “Find new keywords and get search volume data” Field.
  • Click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”.
    1. Under “Enter one or more of the following – Your product or service” >> Put your primary keyword into the box.
    2. Under “Targeting” section >> Select locations (where your audience belongs to).
    3. Let the “Language” always be default as English.
    4. Under “Search Preferences” >> Select Google and Search partners.
    5. No need to put any “Negative Keywords”.
    6. Rest all the things will be same as default like “Date range, Keyword Filters, Keyword options and keywords to include”.
    7. Then click on “Get Ideas”.
  • Then it will show you the bunch of keyword statistics.
  • It defaults selected as “Ad Group Ideas” but you have to Select “Keyword Ideas” tab in place of it.
  • The Keyword which shows at the top will be the one which you searched for.
    • You will get the data of “Avg. monthly searches” of past 12 months for your primary keyword. If it is showing blank, then it clearly depicts that no searches for that keyword have happened in that period.
    • But when you scroll down the screen it shows you all the nearly searched keyword of your primary keyword. Here is the data which will make your day.

The data which is provided by this tool is not an exact figure. But with the help of this estimated data, you can plan your Search engine optimization strategy accordingly.

  • Now you need to download this given data to an excel sheet by clicking the “Download” button.
  • Open the downloaded file in an excel sheet.
  • Then, simply sort the “Avg. Monthly Searches” column from Z to A, in order to get the highest number up in the row.
  • Now according to your niche remove all the keywords which come under below average searches. For example, If you have 800 keyword suggestions – and the top keywords searches are 8000(avg. monthly searches) and the last keyword searches are 10(avg. monthly searches) – then you may ignore all the keywords whose searches are below 1000(avg. monthly searches).  Keep all the keywords above 1000 as your targeted keywords.
  • Always go for a long tail keyword rather than 1 or 2 words keyword. Short tail keyword always becomes a tough challenge to compete in top rankings. Keywords above 3 or more words are always recommendable.
  • So far we’ve managed to get high volume searches keyword that belongs to our niche. Now we have to reduce the effect of competition as well as to rank on Google’s Search Engine. This is also a very important part of keyword research and planning.Each and every keyword that you have defined so far has some competition value in Google search. Mentioned below are the steps to find the competition for your respective keywords:
  • Type those keywords in Google search and hit enter.
    • The number of results which shows just after the search bar there. Just copy and paste it into their respective keywords column one by one. Name that column as “Quantity of competition” in that same excel sheet.
    • This time sort keywords from A to Z in “Quantity of Competition” column. In this way, the least competitive keyword rises to the top row and less competitive keyword places to the second row and so on.
    • This way you will get the most refined niche keyword for your website/webpage to rank on Google’s Search engine. The chances of getting rank on these refined keywords are much higher as compared to any random keywords.

    So far, it has been the best free keyword Research tool that we have noticed. I hope you guys understood the importance of Keyword Research and planning. Now if you have any further question regarding this topic please comment below. I will do reply with my best answers available up to your satisfaction level.